“Peg leg”.

As part of the “Familiar Inqusition” series, this video brings up the political education of mexican society (and latin-american, possibly) from the family punishment.
This video takes the cultural importance of soccer as starting point into a society like ours, so the action of this video goes around this axis.
This video is the exaggeration of the punishment (smack) and the concrete analysis of the victim-victimizer relation, this to say that by giving the smack thanks to a “bad behavior” it's a misdemeanor, but the punishment out of proportion it's even worse.
In our society we can take this simple aspect in a major scale if we deal with the concept of “authority abuse” or “police brutality”.
In this video, my father abuses his force by giving me a smack that my body can't take, this to say that in this kind of actions, the power-body-punishment relation gets lost by not getting the right balance, so the idea of quantifiable pain and measurable violence like a correcting machine makes no sense at all talking about violence and mistreat with no purpose.

If the essencial part of the video is putting the figures against each other, the smack is not reasonless, it comes by breaking the dynamics order, the kid plays free but infringing other's space with the direct analogy against the protester-activist that commites vandalism and the father who hurts is the police who distorts the order by the brutality, they become the principal thing in this piece, so we can understand that infringind these forces and boundaries, the crimes shows out.

We are notified of the government and the civilians abuses in most latin-american societies, the law and the legal right balance is very weak and its willing to lean in favor of the circumstances.

“Peg leg” arises from the begining the discussion between the parents (authority figures) about the power excercise, that we can see in from the family to the political strata, the jurist and the army, so the problematic of the piece falls into the power and it's exercise relations.

The open question is: Which are the pain and violence limits?, Under which circumstances the violence is positive and corrective in the society?

These questions surround this piece, a chain of violent events that occur silently and in family touch, like in other videos of the series, the family is the one who let us understand this relations that go beyong the anecdotic to turn into questions about our society articulation.

“Peg leg” boards the critic sense of two clear slopes that make up our society, the love for soccer, the hope that represents, the merge and the strength that takes as social unity, and on the other side, the entire violence and abuse record, power excess (that gives us social unity too) and the possibility to comfortably expand and interpretate the law.

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