Ingrid Pitt's Queen of Horror Festival - Old Town Hastings -
October 26 /27 /28

Star Guests
Ingrid Pitt movies with Q&A
Emily Booth Horror Quiz and Tour
Scream Queen Competition
Short Story Competition
Short film Competition

Masked Ball
Horror Make-up Demonstration
Dealers Room
'Dracula Who?' - Extract from play with Carol Cleveland and Damien Thomas
Tarot Readings

Meet: Maddie Smith, James Herbert, Carol Cleveland, Johnny Hough, Robert Young, Damien Thomas and Emily Booth.

Thank you Fingercuff Productions Jamie for your brilliant after effects and editing work for the trailer.
Adrian Holmes at Moody Sky Films for your sweet music and Dean Covill on your sound mix and then Yurie Urie for her fangtastic festival logo!

Trailer includes clips from:
The Vampire Lovers
The House that Dripped Blood
Evil Aliens

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