Interview with Jeffrey Tucker and Professor Hoppe - Property and Freedom Society 2012
by Joakim Fagerström

I was very pleased to be able to interview the living legend Mr Jeffrey Tucker by the pool at the Property and Freedom Society 2012. Mr Tucker is the former editor of and the current Executive Editor of Laissez Faire Books. Thanks to him has grew enormously thanks to the fantastic web site amongst other things. I am sure that Mr Tucker and Mr French will be as successful in expanding Laissez Faire Books in many years to come.

Every time you meet Mr Tucker he is everything you would imagine him to be: a real gentleman, full of inspiration and a passion about everything beautiful in life. In Turkey I personally witnessed that you can actually look good in a bow tie even if you go for a swim. In this interview Mr. Tucker tell us all about PFS, the goals with Laissez-Faire Books, about Turkey and his recent book A Beautiful Anarchy. How can we build and achieve liberty for ourselves in our lifetime?

We also discuss Professor Hoppe’s most recent book The Great Fiction which Mr. Tucker say will make you a "dangerous man" if you read it. You can buy both these books from exclusive from Laissez-Faire Books or for free by becoming a member here. In the end Professor Hoppe joined us for some comments about his book and the PFS.

Recorded at the Property and Freedom Society 2012.

Recorded by Ludwig von Mises Institute in Sweden

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