Hella Fresh Theater presents Alp D'Huez

written by John Rosenberg,

starring John Rosenberg + Tedra Milan,

Act Won directed by Scott Sitman

A man’s wife shows up to Paris a day early and won’t say why. What is she hiding? Why is he so upset by it? What did he do on Alp d’ Huez? This intense, mysterious, funny, and often heartbreaking play explores how all the problems of a marriage collide at the least opportune time–on vacation in France when they should be having the time of their lives, and rooting on Lance Armstrong and team America in the Tour de France.

Alp D’Huez was written by John Rosenberg

Plays October 13 thru November 4th, Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm, at the Papermill Theater, 2825 Ormes Street, in Kensington, Philadelphia. Tickets only $10! (Special VIP $20 ticket gets you a ride to and from the theater!

Playwright and Hella Fresh founder John Rosenberg has been hailed by City Paper as “an impetuous playwright [who] takes a radical approach to independent theater.” More details at hellafreshtheater.com.

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