Hello Friends and Family! We are so glad you are here with us today as we continue our “Life Apps” series. We are downloading concrete application directly from the Bible that speaks to certain areas where we seem to need help in understanding just what God expects from us. Today we’re going to download the “Speech App.” It’s amazing when you read the Bible how much of it deals with the words we use.

We’re in the early stages of making sure that everyone has a group they can attend and participate in for our 40 Days In The Word spiritual emphasis that starts on October 21. You can sign up today and secure your place in the group of your choice. Make sure to study the list of groups, pick the top two that fit your schedule, and write the leader’s name on the Participant’s Card you will find in your program. You can drop it in the offering basket or take it out to the Community Groups table on the patio.

Please stop by our Next Step Bookstore and look over the books I selected for this series. You’ll find a book for every message in our “Life Apps” series. We make these and other resources available to help you take your next step in life transformation.

Looking forward to all God wants to do,

Pastor Ron

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