Inspired by discussions with scientist Marten Scheffer who studies the nature of change.

Climate, forests, coral reefs, financial markets and even our minds occasionally reach a tipping point where they go through a radical transformation. Foreseeing such critical transitions or even noticing that they are unfolding is challenging as they are embedded in the omnipresent permanent flow of change.

Dazzled by myriads of such minimal motions, how can we see that they sometimes erupt into transforming change? Emerged in chaotic and turbulent transformation, how can we see where we are going? Science seeks universal early warning signals for critical transitions, but often we may only realize the world is not the same anymore in the hindsight.

The theory behind the project is a collaboration with ecologist, scientist and musician Marten Scheffer from The Netherlands and Norwegian artist Tone Bjordam. Original version is 30 min long and in HD (High Definition).

Finished July 2012. Premiere screening at ESA (Ecological Society of America) Conference 2012, 6th of August in Portland, Oregon, USA.

All visual arts by Tone Kristin Bjordam
Music composed and played by Marten Scheffer, percussion by Arthur Bont

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