A chorus of breathing lungs. Interactive Media.

Stereoscopic video is mapped onto the lungs appearing to play within them. Stereoscopic videos are also in the background. Stereo footage captured with Sony, Sanyo cameras.
Sound was recorded at Oboro gallery in Montreal during an artist residency and at Hexagram at Concordia University.

This is the second version of the chorus. The first is also posted on vimeo: vimeo.com/32180928
In this second version, there are three different lung configurations each with their own video and audio channels.

The piece is interactive and works with a Kinect camera. The chorus opens and closes in response to an opening and closing of the arms (distance between hands). The sound of the chorus is mixed in response to this interaction as well. In the opening chorus with the ocean background, when arms are open group breathing is heard. When arms are close an internal dialogue of "I like it, I don't like it" is heard. For the other lung configurations, the sounds are mixed according to the distance between the hands. The mixtures are "hatelove" and "uncertaintycuriosity" from closed to open.

The lungs were modelled in Maya. The interactivity is programmed using Touch Designer.

This is an anaglyph documentation of a stereo work. See the other video documentation for a mono version: vimeo.com/51020650

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