Presenting the annual cycle by arrows: Cover sheet for the New Year

Original design: Stankowski + Duschek Studio
Animation: Henning M. Lederer (
Music: Puniho (

January > to rest, to relax, to cover up, to sleep, to concentrate, to forecast
February > to wake up, to listen, curious, to straighten up, to check, strong
March > to prepare, to search, to tense, to follow, detour, to curl
April > to look for, inner unrest, coltish, who-how-where-what, to distribute, to swarm
May > inside, upwards, to start, to become, to come alive, to prickle
June > to sprout, to unfold, to mushroom, it’s done, impulse, to blossom
July > to open, to start, to spread, to reach out, the middle, to glare
August > lots, at the top, maturity, turning point, to grow, individual
September > overall, distribution, to meet, to collect, dance, assiduous
October > dense, connected, to order, to hang, earthwards, ripeness
November > to hide, downwards, to withdraw, returning, prevention, tired
December > to curl up, to bethink, to have a rest, snug, silence, contemplation

(I am not 100% sure if these translations are correct)

This account is the laboratory of Henning M. Lederer – space for animated pieces that are work in progress, just quick ideas or not finished yet.
For his current work please go to

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