Module 10.5 is part 5 of a 12 part series on using medical therapeutic yoga in orthopaedics and promotion of systemic wellness through healthy gastrointestinal function and how it relates to joint function.

Foot pain and dysfunction is a common phenomenon in almost decade of life from young adults to seniors. The most common source of that pain is plantar fasciitis. A common orthopaedic diagnoses seen in rehabilitation and athletics today, plantar fasciitis and related foot deformities can be efficiently managed with high efficacy using the CAM modality known as the Professional Yoga Therapy method.
Adding yoga that has been time tested in physical therapy and sports medicine settings is globally beneficial because it harnesses the evidence based power to lower stress, improve function, and increase quality of life for the patient and practitioner. This CE will equip you with the tools necessary to identify at risk populations, minimize risk factors in foot injury, and understand the evaluative paradigm necessary to use yoga for the foot in a medical setting.

This CE will critically analyze how to identify and correct foot malalignment and injury through the context of yoga postures and the conceptual holistic model. This CE will take you through a step by step progression of yoga postures that can be effective for both evaluating and managing foot problems.
This CE reviews the latest evidence in injury epidemiology, injury prevention, and management of the foot. Finally, direct application through postural evaluation will give the clinician the tools necessary for immediate intervention in the foot population.

Professional Yoga Therapy has been leading the way in medical yoga since 2001 with its grassroots programs in post-graduate evidence-based medical therapeutic yoga. PYT standardizes methodology for evaluation and management in prevention and pathophysiology through education in evidence based CAM modalities, specifically medical therapeutic yoga.

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