Not sure what I want to say about urban and rails...I started trying rails back
around 93, i skated and could only manage about 3 small stairs on a skate. On a
snowboard it was fun and new but powder and steeps were always what it was about for
me. Then in the mid to late 90s it seemed like every frickin shot in a snowboard
mag was not on snow, it was a handrail or some other bullshit. It was out of hand
and kinda depressing to see the sport you loved turned into something else. Thats
snowboarding though, one trend after another. Now a days some of the urban and
rails is just down right gnarly and I enjoy watching it but it has to have a reason
or a natural flow. Getting bungeed into some huge flat drop with a snow kicker onto
another man maid landing is just trying way to hard. Xgames urban or street, now
thats the worst. Not dissing the riders but for me it has to flow and it has to
have consequence. I should probably just keep my mouth shut though since Im just a
pussy in the park, hate the rails, fear them and hats off to the kids just hope when
its a pow day they know how to ride pow too or at least want to. Guess the rails
keep a lot of kids out of the pow so im all for them.

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