Anyone remotely familiar with the contemporary art scene will have heard of the V1 Gallery. Located in Copenhagen Denmark, the gallery has exhibited some of the most prominent and international street art legends of our time. During the month of September it hosted three solo exhibitions of three artists, who are friends, collaborators and colleagues: Ed Templeton, Evan Hecox and Element Emerald's very own advocate Thomas Campbell. Campbell's exhibit titled "Clastic Plowers" can be best described in his own, let us say, creative, words:

Excerpt from email from Thomas Campbell to V1 Gallery owner Jesper Elg on August 14, 2012:

Jesper here,,,hey amigo,,,,,here is the basic run down about my show,,, ,,,the name of the show is "Clastic Plowers" it is a name that is more of a feeling than an actual real name,,,it's a feeling of modern and natural world natural collision via the earth creature humans.......not in a judgmental way,,,but just observation of what is and how weird and fascinating humanity and nature is in itself.....observing the obvious for the millionth time and interpreting it,,,,,,,into new bronzes, works on paper, works on wooded type sculptures,,some sewn shit,,,loose more expressive actions abound ,,,feeling it and other things,,,moving with the sway,,,,,

And if that's not clear enough, watch the video.

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