This is the trailer to my first narrative feature which I spent three years getting completed. I wrote, produced, directed and edited the film, which was shot mainly in my Harlem basement.

I tailored the film’s parameters to my unique Harlem location and transformed the space into a filmmaker's lair using existing features and inexpensive production design (plastic sheeting!) -- soon, a movie set was born. I begged favors from crew contacts, borrowed props from friends, and cooked a daily lunch to save production money. I also tested my sanity by continuing to work part-time jobs at Lincoln Center and Bloomberg while shooting the film. I also wanted to illustrate that quality low-budget filmmaking can exist in the horror genre without indulging in soft porn and gore tactics.

The story is about a filmmaker from England who finds himself on the outside of the film world and becomes so frustrated by rejection that he creates the ultimate horror film.

The film is currently being distributed by Virgil Entertainment in the US on itunes, Amazon and Vudu. It has also recently been released in the UK under the alias: The Cellar - by 4 Digital Media.

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