This is a kinetic sculpture and advanced VJing machine. It produces images and reveals the production at the same time. It is a media facade installation and a comment on Villém Flussers techno-images. It is inspired by the Light-Space-Modulator by László Moholy-Nagy and can be called a Fluxkompensator as well.

We are playing with ferromagnetic fluid, using magnets and a self designed and produced acrylic gear. The fluid patterns can be used for further projection and interpretation.

It was created in 2009 in the classes "Narrative Architecture" in Potsdam University of Applied Sciences / Germany.

Shot on Canon XLH1 with 35MM Adapter.

Fabian Brunsing,
Cedric Kiefer,
Christopher Warnow,

DOP/Dir. Daniel Franke

Music by Julian Laping

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