For the past 11 years Cincinnati has celebrated its rich musical culture with the Midpoint Music Festival (MPMF). Showcasing the finest local musicians alongside national touring acts, MPMF strives to bring the Queen City together through three nights of good tunes, arts, refreshments and camaraderie.

A recent addition to MPMF is the Midway Box Truck Carnival. Nestled between Vine and Walnut, this is an area reserved for a handpicked group of local artists to use the back of a rented moving truck in any way they want. Our idea? Team up with the photo booth legends at Framester to capture MPMF’s most important aspect: its people. We used every shot from our box truck photo booth, on top of a ton of conventional photography, to make this feature. The result is a surreal glimpse into the MPMF experience.

Everyone at the Queen City Project is a huge supporter of MPMF and what it does for our fair city. We’ve been attending since the start and can safely say it gets better every time. This year, however, we wanted to contribute to the festivities beyond simply being members of the audience. We wanted to make the audience as vital a facet as the performers. One of the greatest things about MPMF is how it draws people to the heart of the city. Our goal was to share that feeling so you can either A.) relive the glory, or B.) enjoy a taste of how Cincinnati likes to party.

Photo booth photos are available at

the Queen City project is a collaboration between Bluestone Creative & Alias Imaging.

Music: "Time to Run" by Lord Huron

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