Download the mp3 on my website:
I composed this music video to remind us the true point in life.
It is a symphonic composition with choirs, piano and orchestra (violins, cellos and other strings, along with oboe, horn and other brass instruments)
This soundtrack is dedicated to the children of the world. The goal is to highlight the poverty and injustice of the world in an artistic manner, because sometimes, where you were born matters. This HD video is a travel through nature and human beings.
I made it like a trailer with some black & white and time lapse using the Linux software kdenlive. I also made shoots with my Canon EOS camera.
The true point of life is not our iPhone, iPad, Pepsi or Coca-Cola...
I wanted a subtle religious / divine / god color for this piece of music because as Henry Ward Beecher said, Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven. It is the real meaning of "Solemn" Lullaby., a Lullaby to wake us up!
I hope you'll enjoy listening to it!
Florian Bador - film music composer - Santa Monica / Culver CIty (Los Angeles, California)

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