Every day there's a whole other world operating in the shadows. This is a look at one evening for one of the players who straddles the line between the life we live, and the blurry lines of a mission and a life we don't necessarily want to know about.

Directed, Edited, Produced, and Filmed by Paul Antico
Written by Paul Antico with George Young and Maurice Zendejas

Ed Enokian - CIA Operator
George White - Capt. Green
Ava Sidelinger - Daughter
Paul Antico - Voice of Chopper Pilot

Filmed on the Canon Cinema EOS C300. See film for full credits.


When you only have a few hours and a very minimal set of gear to shoot with, and you've been shooting for 10+ hours already on another job, who would want to run out and make something else for fun? That's precisely what a group of us did one late September day in Washington DC. It's gorilla filmmaking gone wild - not wanting to leave a city with great views without telling a story before we did. So with the work day done, we ran out to create "Arrowhead".

Armed only with a C300, a 24-105 F4 (!) IS Lens, a Manfrotto Video Monopod, a Sony UWP microphone and an iPhone for a light, we fleshed out and completed Paul's script in 30 minutes, then filmed around the city for 2 hours in the ultimate run n gun scenario and a super challenging low light situation for the camera as night fell quick. The next night the control center segment was completed, and a week later the house segment filmed in Boston.

Every single shot in this piece, and every sound is carefully considered. There were some compromises made (hello Red Giant Denoiser II!) but in the end I think it works. There are multiple layers of meaning that have been applied here, sometimes within the same shot. This includes the sound over the credits, which actually tells a little more of the story you just saw at that point. So much so that the making of this piece and those meanings will be discussed on a future episode of the NeedCreative Podcast. (Find us on iTunes).

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