In henry’s deferment of consciousness, I wanted to further explore the state and place of the body by way of mind. I feel as if the body and mind can never be disconnected from place; they will always be intertwined indefinitely, one forever affecting the other. Sleeping is an example of this because the physical body is in more or less the same place while the mind takes the subconscious to a new place entirely. However, I am not interested in the simple act of sleeping or the simple act of dreams, but about the transition to different states of wakefulness, all while still being highly affected by dreaming such as those affected by sleep walking or night terrors where both the physical body and subconscious are both acting together in an extreme way that is not usual to the lesser act of just dreaming.
One way that the video shows this is the placement and order of the shots. The camera monitors henry in his bedroom while also capturing fragments of the dream. The same is true for the figure in the body suit who may be a part of the dream/night terror, or who might actually be trying to break inside. The succession of images that are unexplainable or seemingly unimportant flash by in a passing moment, while others repeat as the dream advances. These all question what and who is real, what is remembered, and what is a temporary psychological state.
With all this in mind, the making of this video (as goes for most of the things I make) are of basic materials such as clay, wood, paper, and metal. I do not using or making things “precious” or “clean” because I feel that processes is not genuine to the subject content of what I make. But that is not to say that great care, time and thought have not been taken in the making of it. Simply put, I prefer to make things that look like they have been dug up out of the ground because I feel that is a truer method of dissecting what it means to feel the so-called primitive emotions, or to feel any type of anything. Nothing worth feeling or experiencing is ever clean cut or polished. When they are “cleaned up,” it seems too forceful and disconnected to the actual experience or emotion(s).

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