Once again The Mill have teamed up with BBH to deliver Bailey's new global marketing campaign 'Cream With Spirit', this time working alongside video maestros Megaforce to create 'Pour Spectacular'.

'Pour Spectacular', is a modern spectacular and is reminiscent of a music video, inspired by the 1930s films of legendary/influential Hollywood director and musical choreographer, Busby Berkley, renowned for his unique style and ability to turn dancers into 'human kaleidoscopes'.

Working closely with the directing power that is Megaforce, The Mill's team helped bring the choreographed magic to life. "Megaforce had a great vision for how they wanted this to look," says The Mill's 2D Lead Artist Ben Turner "and that was to keep it as natural and theatrical as possible. Our part was to help out where reality needed it! We helped to visualise and plan the staircase move that outgrows what would be possible in a studio space. We also helped add in some set extensions and perfect the look that had been captured in camera. The opening shot was a fine balance between the real Baileys and an impressive set build of the glass, which tricked the eye on a top down view."

"It was a great opportunity to work with Megaforce," says Mill VFX Producer Chris Batten "we're all really proud of the spectacular results achieved."

The film will have you in 'Rapture', with the soundtrack courtesy of 'Blondie'.

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