The date on this video is wrong because I am unable to reset it.
On the evening of October 6th, my friend told me an area near the old Mustang Ranch is haunted. So out of boredom, I decided to visit with camcorder in hand just in case something unusual happened. I was very skeptical because I've rarely experienced anything that would be regarded as supernormal in my life and I thought I had experienced nothing here either...until I watched the video on my computer.
Apparently, there is a feminie voice that whispers "Hey, sweety." while I'm driving and shortly after this occurence, the video went blank even though I recorded for several minutes. WEIRD!
According to an old legend my friend heard about, three prostitutes committed suicide in this area after their business faltered on separate occasions. Is this area cursed? One of the suicides involved a personal hanging from one of the trees which is still there. Tragic.
I might return to this location, but not alone. It sure is appropriate this took place in October, must say.
If you would like to visit this eerie place, just take exit 23 off of highway I-80 east of Reno. Follow road past the gas station and you are there. It dead ends at the Waste Management landfill. Just be sure not to loiter or you may attract police.
If you experience anything strange while visiting, please share your experience with me in an e-mail -

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