Mongolia as the summon of nomadic life. Guess what, what a Mongolian family doing in the summer for vacations, many of them like to do camping. With over 30 Celsius degree in the day, they make a big picnic in middle of the land, swimming in a fresh river, sleeping under the stars or in the tent. In the green steppe freedom is everywhere. You find a nice place and you stop for few days of happiness. Mongolian kids like it. At 700 km of the sea a little sandy beach close to a pure water river as a promised land.
Product: TV idents MongolTV
Client: Nomin Chinbat, MongolTV Senior VP, Group Company Gatsuurt
Executive Producer: Michel Rodrigue, The Format People, LA
Producer and brand strategies: Marc S. Grenier, Baroque
Creative direction : Christian Langlois, mémoire liquide
Art direction and SFX : Charles Bertrand, Fly Studio
Film Director: Christian Langlois, Les Enfants
Director of Photography: Francois Dutil
Assistant camera: Chloe Giroux Lachance
Editorial: Miguel Raymond
Color grading: Charles Bertrand, Fly Studio
Motion design, animation and post production: Alexander Lapointe, Mathieu Lalumiere, Jean Marc Laurin, Fly Studio
Music: Mathieu Lafontaine

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