The pinewoods of Leiria (Portugal) are guarding a terrible and scary secret that was accidentally released while opening an urn lost in a place known as the Firefly Valley. Since than there are few who dare to attend this place. Be afraid and get ready for the fright of your life!

Original Story by: Claudio Matos (
Produced by: KINEMOV - Digital Video & Cinematography (
Official Fan Page:

Actores: David Martins - Pedro | Kat Ramos - Susana | Susana Costa - Enfermeira | Lara Oliveira - Menina
Photography: Cláudio Pires | Alexandra Fernandes | Damião Dias | Claudio Matos
Make-Up / Caracterização: Neya Amado
Edit / Post-production: Claudio Matos
Assistant Director: Cláudio Pires
Directed by: Claudio Matos

Photography "making of": Renato Vale | Alexandra Fernandes | Raquel Silva
Video "making of": Damião Dias | Alexandra Fernandes | Susana Costa | Cláudio Pires
Link: (Making Of... O Segredo do Vale dos Pirilampos)

Special thanks to: Operário Club ( and Fisicoloucura - Práticas Desportivas (

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