Lionhead Microsoft Game Studio commissioned Rewind FX to design and produce all of the in-game tutorial videos for their new Xbox 360 game Fable: The Journey. This new addition to their wildly popular Fable series is exclusively for use with the Kinect, and is "a whole new way to experience the deep story-line, heart-pounding action, and picturesque world of Albion that fans have come to know and love about the Fable franchise."

Rewind FX were involved with every stage of the process, from influencing the design and layout of the tutorial screens to capturing, re-timing and retouching the game footage in order to clearly demonstrate the new skills to the user.

The tutorial videos received a great reception, both from Lionhead staff and from members of the press who reviewed the game before its release.

As a result, Lionhead also commissioned Rewind FX to produce an "Out Of The Box Experience" video, which would advise new players on things such as posture, optimum Kinect placement and minimizing obstructions to the camera. Following these few instructions would lead to the best gameplay experience possible. Rewind FX worked closely with the Lionhead creatives on the narrative for the short animation to make sure that it was not only educational but also engaging and entertaining.

The video required a full CG animation with multiple animated characters interacting with one another. Rewind FX directed a shoot in Lionhead's optical motion capture suite for the human character and then worked collaboratively with Lionhead's in house character animators on the creature animation.

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