Directed by MainstreamMediaCA
Featuring: I Am the Conqueror
Clothing Provided by Wikkd Heir Clothing

Special Thanks to MainstreamMediaCA for producing an incredible video and a big hug to our boys in Cali reppin' our line. Please make sure to like their respective pages and help us support up and coming talent!

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I Am The Conqueror, in October 2011, transitioned from a bass driven hardcore/punk rock band to a melodic, dual singing, pop/punk band. Stephen Colbertson had been writing and recording flashy pop punk songs in his spare time, which in turn became the roots for this bands new direction. With the loss of our original bass player, Josh Dowhen picked up the bass to stand in as one of the lead vocalists, with guitar player and co-lead vocalist James Bohardt. Joshua Haas lays down the beats to bring this dynamic 4 piece pop/punk band together and driving, which is I AM THE CONQUEROR

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