The Little Marmaid/One Things Sept 13 Exhibition opening of multi-video work at Australian National University
Peter Greenaway Istvan Horkay Irma de Vries
Special thanks to

Sebastian Clark
Judith Cripsin
Alistair Riddell
Jean Philippe Demarais
Esther Gyorki
Zoltan Vladucz
Janos Zoltan
Bela Kodobocz
Erika Myer

Cure of old Age and Preservation of Youth Hermes, Plato, Aristotle, and the other philosophers, flourishing at different times, who have introduced the Arts, and more especially have explored the secrets of inferior creation, all these have eagerly sought a means whereby the human body might be preserved from decay and become endued with immortality. To them it was answered that there is nothing that might deliver the mortal body from death, but there is One Thing that may postpone decay, renew youth, and prolong short human life

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