This is the series that I co-created , wrote and directed for the BBC.

I was brought in to breath life into a very tired medical format show, I saw a test episode and it was terrible , a tired over dramatic idea that was the popular in the early 90's. I decided to take a more comical look at the terrible things that happen to our species.

WARNING when executive producers tell you that you can do anything, GET IT IN WRITING. When Brass saw the results, I was fired promptly ,well not promptly only when I refused to turn the show back into a tired 90's medical show again. I got the last laugh when Bizarre ER received a RTE television award and was the channels highest rated Program.

I was kind of happy with the show but found I was not given the free rein that I was promised but hey that's television, lies and manipulation the duelling blades of the industry!

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