Aura/Aurora is the most recent phase of the ongoing art & science project presenting an interactive interpretation of the Polar Lights – Aurora Borealis and Australis, the magnificent and dynamic spectacle that has retained a near-mythical status in circumpolar cultures over centuries. The dazzling geo-physical phenomenon, typically observed in the Circumpolar Regions is not only a brilliant spectacle but it also makes visible the invisible world of electromagnetic activities.

Aura/Aurora is a real-time audio-visual installation. Arguable an artwork can hardly compete with the actual experience of a natural phenomenon therefore we aimed at an alternative approach by engaging active audience participation. A series of still images linked to the same subject are an available option to be included in the exhibition. These digital images represent experimental installation elements in the form of abstract enigmatic fields of color.

Aura/Aurora is a specific form of self-generating interactive installation, which is ideally situated in a distinct semi dark space. Several large-scale translucent fabrics freely floating in the space provide the projection plane. Four cooling fans placed on the ground initiate the motion of the textile. Shadows on the surrounding walls and the self-generated interactivity initiated through the moving textiles create a subtle dance of lights.

The sound base for the installation is delivered from the analog sound of the fans that move the materials using contact microphones. Measurement data from 2012 about the Aurora Borealis gathered by the Space Weather Prediction Center is used to control digital signal processing of the live sound. The sculpted sound is than used to generate the projected visual elements of the installation. Daily proton density, bulk speed and coordinate data of the Solar Wind is responsible for further geometric transformations.

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