Emerging Revivalists and World Shakers
Over 16 years ago the Lord spoke to me about a “new breed” of leader that He would raise up in the earth. They wouldn’t have a model that they could exactly carbon copy so they would need to hear God’s voice with ultra clarity to know where to go and what to do in the days ahead. We are now living in that time. In this series you will learn prophetically about the “new breed” God is raising up and what characteristics will mark this new generation of believers. It’s not about how old or young you are. It’s about the fire in your heart. Get ready to be commissioned by God and see whole regions and nations shaken by His power and glory through your life! Understand what it means to be truly sent by God and be inspired and sent out as an authentic world shaker.

Teachings Include (4 CD SET):
- Power Encounters that Shape History
- Sent by God – The Call of a Revival Forerunner
- Characteristics of the New Breed
- Commissioning Joel’s Army

Suggested Donation: $30.00 -- also available in MP3 1-877-GOD-3131

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