A transit of Venus occurs when Venus passes directly between the sun and earth. 
English astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks was the first person to predict and watch the transit of Venus of 1639. Later, he wrote that he had wanted to tell more people, but he lamented that he had to compete with sports.
"I hope to be excused for not informing other of my friends of the expected phenomenon, but most of them care little for trifles of this kind, preferring rather their hawks and their hounds."
The most recent transit was in June 2012 - the next will not occur until December 2117.
By then, we will all be dead.

A film by Beth Balaban
Presented by The Non-Fiction Cartel (thenonfictioncartel.tumblr.com)

audio recording - Alan Watts lecture, The Cosmic Drama
celestial footage and animation - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/SDO
music - "Desert Road" by Lawrence English

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