sisler high school
between October 29 - November 9
at lunch in room 58
Frequently asked questions:
Grad photos will be taken between November 12 -28
Q: What is included in my session?
A: Gown, V-stole, Flowers, Diploma and lots of fun
Q: What do you need to do?
A: Come prepared with makeup and hair done. Dress appropriately: shirt and tie recommended for the men.
Q: What digital files will I receive?
A: For each pose that you like, to a maximum of six poses, you will receive 4 high resolution digital files in 8X10 format – 24 digital files on an 8GB USB wristband.
1 - 8x10 portrait file,
1 - 8x10 file with the 5x7 images,
1 - 8x10 file with the 4x6, wallet and 3x4 images,
1 - 8x10 file with 16 wallet sized images,
All this will be stored on an 8GB USB wristband
Q: What will I get for prints?
A: Each package contains 4 prints of one pose.
1 - 8x10 portrait on metallic paper,
1 - 8x10 portrait on lustre paper,
1 - 8x10 sheet with 2 - 5x7 images,
1 - 8x10 sheet with 2 - 4x6, 4 - wallet and 1 - 3x4 images
Q: Is retouching extra?
A: No. Extensive retouching of 1 pose is included in the price.
Q: Will my picture be in the yearbook?
A: Yes, your picture will go automatically into the yearbook.
Q: Can I choose which image will be put into the yearbook?
A: No, unfortunately not. This is left to the school to ensure a certain level of consistency in the yearbook design. (Unless the pose for the yearbook is the one chosen to print, it will not be retouched.)

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