1: Focusing on Wyoming youth suicide prevention, worked in conjunction with Denver advertising agency Barnhart Communications, on behalf of the Wyoming Department of Health Youth Suicide Prevention Program.
2: One of the project’s encompassed five vignettes that each focus on a different Wyoming resident who either attempted or lost a loved one to suicide.
3: The stories are intended to speak to Wyoming youth and young adults about the ramifications of suicide and its effects on those left behind.
4: Special field reporting and interviews by Denver, Colorado based journalist Melanie Asmar.
1: Still photography and HD video.
2: Publishing methods include the campaign’s website and blog, JUSTLETITOUT.ORG, the campaign’s Facebook Page and scheduled :15 and :30 Public Service Announcements (PSA).
3: The PSAs are is also shown in Wyoming movie theaters while running concurrently with a multifaceted Facebook advertising campaign.

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