Promotional Video.
2min. HD.
Auckland, 2012.


Video made for natural movement duo based in Auckland, Ted Tanchak and Wilfred Godfrey, owners of KoriMovement.
In their words: "KoriMovement helps people rediscover the instinctual movement within all humans, we cover everything from running, jumping, swinging, to nutrition and how to lead a natural lifestyle."


Wilfred Godfrey

Director: Marina G. Bonofiglio
Cinematographer: Marina G. Bonofiglio, James Atkins
Editors: Marina G. Bonofiglio, James Atkins
Grading & VFX: Felipe Nuñez Cassina.
Music: Annemarie Duff


Korimovement - korimovement.com
Marina Bonofiglio - marinabonofiglio.com/
James Atkins - atkinsmedia.tv/
Annemarie Duff - mmdelai.bandcamp.com/

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