Using 365 seconds to represent the 365 days in a solar year, "Time Divides"
shows the underlying structure that unifies the annual seasons as understood
and experienced by humanity. This is the same structure that unifies
all people, animals, minerals and other assorted earth-bound lifeforms. The individual's
experience of time creates the illusion of separateness. Transcending this
illusion is a path to clarity. By focusing on unity while experiencing time,
life takes on new meaning.

Huge thanks to WorldStage, Inc ( and Nationwide Rentals for providing technical and logistical sponsorship and support for this project, and for championing public art in New York City.

Thanks also to Sixpoint beer ( for sponsoring our cocktail receptions Saturday and Sunday nights during the DUMBO Arts Fest.

Codex Dynamic Credits.

Codex Dynamic conceived, curated and produced by Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker
Codex Dynamic Event produced by Farkas Fülöp
Codex Dynamic Video Mapping template designed by Farkas Fülöp and John Ensor Parker

Time Divides Credits.

Produced by Brian Blessinger
Concept by Michelle Dodson, Bryan Dodson and Adam Barfield
Directed by Michelle Dodson and Bryan Dodson
Animation by Michelle Dodson and Bryan Dodson
Sound Design by Adam Barfield
Pre-production Consultation by Tim Daust of Reelmind Studios.

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