As we drove up from Portland we were excited to see the sunny weather following us. It promised to be a beautiful fall day, and we were excited to spend it with such an authentic couple as Dane & Erica. From the diesel trucks they drove to the hat the Erica had specially made for Dane (who is never without a hat on his head, including his wedding day!), they were true to who they were, and we loved every bit of it!

The weeks leading up to this day were tough, as Erica lost her step-dad just weeks before the wedding. As the weight of this sank in, it made our job of capturing what was special that day even more important. In remembrance of her step-dad, Erica rode to the ceremony in Gary’s white diesel truck, and her step-brother, on behalf of Gary, joined her dad in giving her away at the alter. This is what we film for. What a privilege to make a film that will let her re-live those incredibly special moments.

One of the best parts about working with Dane and Erica is that they trusted us to create a film that would be perfect for them and didn’t dictate the details. They gave us complete creative control so that we could make a film that would fit them and their day perfectly. There’s nothing we love more than that!

The Music bed - You guys make what we do possible, THANK YOU for providing killer music!
With Ettiquette - You also make what we do possible by giving us awesome tracks.
George Mihaly - You Rock George, thanks for driving that long stretch of I-5 solo to give us a hand.

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