TextNow® is an innovative reader engagement programme that motivates young people to become more confident and able readers. This short film includes two testimonials on TextNow® For more information unitas.uk.net/TextNow/

Some comments from carers: YP is reading everyday now, to begin with he was reluctant and only wanted to be read to, but now he is becoming much more confident and is finishing a book every night.

He really likes talking about teenage romance and I enjoy that bedtime quality time with him.

We have been using the internet, researching our holiday on Google Maps and reading fan club web sites so he is getting a broad range of reading material. One of his favourite shows is being shown and recorded with the words for songs on the bottom of the screen, which he is looking forward to.

He did a lot of moaning and doesn't think that he needs to read or that it will enhance his life. He does read a lot when out and about, which we praise and encourage and use as our argument.

She is really enjoying her reading and does not need to be encouraged to pick up a book. She is now reading at any opportunity, in the car, in the park, at the beach, anywhere and everywhere. She has really benefited from the TextNow programme.

My reader has been enjoying her reading books and we have been having good discussions about the story so far... She liked looking at the MyChoice website and has put a couple of books on her wishlist. She liked being able to search for "adventure" and books on drawing. We have made a point of looking through the newspaper in the mornings and finding a photo that catches her eye.

I have enjoyed the first week of the TextNow reading. At the beginning there were some issues but once we spoke about the choices of books he was much happier, he thought we would be reading hard books etc after glancing at some of the books in the store.

While away we read from castle guidebooks etc. as we visited places.

We tried a new tactic, he got into bed and had milk and biscuits, He read a page I read a page. We also looked up stuff on his I-pad and read that. He picked the subject matter.

From a school: It was encouraging to receive very positive comments relating to the significant progress she has made with her reading over a short period in time. YP has engaged in ten weeks of TextNow and this has not only contributed to her improved reading skills but also to improved confidence across a wide range of subject areas at school.

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