An all round 360° wall projection allows for an immersive experience and astonishing sensory illusions. In Sensescapes the visitors' presence and movements are reflected in change of composition of the room. Historical art movements showcased in the exhibition that includes Sensescapes are taken up and interpreted playfully.

The Leipzig-based Museum of Applied Arts has a turbulent history. Founded in 1874, relocated in a new building called Grassi-Museum in 1926, bombarded in 1943, and finally the beginning to reconstruct it in 2001.
The rebirth of the museum started 2007 with the inauguration of the first of three permanent exhibitions and came to a conclusion on March 4th 2012 with the inauguration of the third.

The exhibition is called "From Art Nouveau To The Present Day" and showcases distinct objects of Jugendstil, Art Déco, Bauhaus and Functionalism, and continues with East-German and international Design after 1945. The forward-oriented conclusion of the tour of design history is the interactive room installation Sensescapes or Sinneslandschaften in German.

It is a great deal, when museums decide to exhibit the work of artists or designer prominently that are not dead yet. Hence it has been a great honor for us, that we were to realize this work of art with schnellebuntebilder, Jacob Korn, Isabella Kolata, Ingolf Heinsch and last but not least the projects initiator Prof. Axel Buether.

GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst

partners: schnellebuntebilder, Jacob Korn, Isabella Kolata, Ingolf Heinsch, Prof. Axel Buether
film editing: Moritz Haberkorn
music: Triberg "Amess" (Skyence Remix)

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