Here you'll find a video that peers through a life-sized kaleidoscope.

I'll try to set the scene a little:

Imagine you are sitting where the camera is, at the end opposite you is a television, which you view through the tunnel of a large glass prism. Where the prism and television meet you will notice the central 'triangle' of the kaleidoscope. As the images on the television flow across the screen, they are reflected and refracted through the prism.

I used old and new footage of my own to create the film. It is a personal connection to my sense of home in the depths of Australia; the horizon as the most powerful element of the isolated landscape. Images of the horizon are refracted to create complex patterns, and yet an evocative and isolating symmetry remains.

Unfortunately you cannot experience the extents of the installation, as this is a recording from a basic camera fixed at one end. In 'real life', you can peer into the depths and experience the kaleidoscope as it was intended. It is much more fun to experience the actual installation; it is something to be experienced through the body not recording.

The original installation was part of the group exhibition 'Reality vs Illusion' at Gaffa Gallery. This recording comes via point-and-shot olympus camera.

Song: 'Slychain' by Hermitude

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