As WNYC’s agency of record, we were tasked with expressing our vision for the brand’s central benefits to listeners: reliability, consistency and timeliness.

The resulting campaign was grounded in a concise and direct tagline that invoked the value of information as social currency, "Never Turn It Off." It flexibly extended throughout media and context, from a Summertime out-of-home campaign to election-season TV commercials. Above all, it conveyed the benefits of attention to serious matters while still maintaining the energy, levity, and compassion that keeps WNYC’s listeners feeling welcome and tuning in.

For the debut of "Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin," WNYC’s first digital-only production, we had the opportunity—and the need—to form a strong branded impression right from the get-go.

Though our initial explorations cast a wide net, they were all driven by the imperatives of clarity and simplicity; the logo needed to be legible at many sizes, from its icon on the iTunes store to its show page on

The design ultimately chosen was bold and specific. It recognizably extended the WNYC identity while still capably standing on its own. It also met the most vital criteria of all: approval from Mr. Baldwin himself.

Thanks to its immense popularity as a top-ranking podcast, Radiolab’s fan base extends across the globe. While the main goal of our "In the Dark" poster series was to promote Radiolab’s touring stage show debut in Brooklyn, they were also designed to remind audiences who was responsible for this widely-heard production. For the out of home campaign, we wanted to convey the show’s cosmopolitan appeal while also framing it—literally and figuratively—within the context of WNYC.

At the same time, we were facing down a deceptively simple question: What is Radiolab about? Our print campaign needed to convey the curiosity inherent in the show, with topics spanning from space to neuroscience to more esoteric questions about the basic nature of humanity.

Our solution was to give every designer at eyeball a bundle of show segments to inspire them, and then turn them loose to create. We produced over 40 posters in 3 days, allowing the show producers and WNYC to choose their favorites. The response was overwhelming with two shows at the Brooklyn Academy of Music selling out in 3 hours and Radiolab hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich giving us huge bear hugs on premiere night.

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