I was lucky enough to be invited back to Hong Kong to see my friend Kevin and run a workshop. He has some amazing cars so we decided to try and make another video (see the Ferrari one here: vimeo.com/29609116). No car mount this time, and no van to hang out of with my glidecam hehe :) Anyway, some of the visuals are still cool (even if I do say so myself hehe ;) but we just didn't have enough of them to create a nice beginning middle and end. The biggest challenge funnily enough was trying to find a track that motivated me to edit something....I'm still not in love with this edit, but I do love the build up and tension just before the take-off.

There's a lot of work involved in a production like this...and the more I get into this sort of work, the more I'm realizing how important a good team is. For more on my views on team work, check out my blog post "There's an "I" in Team" here > mattscottvisuals.com/blog/2012/7/15/there-is-an-i-in-team.html

Also, I had some challenges with colour in this clip. Half of it is RED Scarlet-X and the other half 5D II. The RED's footage is SO EASY to push around and qualify for a selective grade...but MAN that 5DII footage SUX!! It's nice out of the box, but when trying to create certain looks and trying to separate skin tones it can be a real challenge, especially with low light/high ISO stuff like this . I'm going to make a new tutorial covering a few clips in here because I think it could be very helpful. I've been using DaVinci Resolve a lot lately, but still, EDIUS is fast and the masks are amazing.


p.s. don't you LOVE IT when you enocode incorrect spelling into your video? mattscottvisuals.com NOT mattscottivisuals.com

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