Shot over a course of two weeks, this was my first RAW timelapse project. I filmed my hometown and places around it.
I shot in Raw+Jpeg mode so i got about 130GB+ of data :O Post-processing was done in AE CS6 and by the time it was finished i was pissing blood..
Reason i shot in jpeg also is that i could make preliminary timelapses with JPEG in quicktime so i could see what look would be the best (framerate wise).

I learned a lot about timelapses by filming this project. Needless to say more than a few of them were a total bust , so that was kind of demoralizing but its all a part of learning process i guess.

Song: Dabin - Silhouette
All rights go to their respectful artist bla bla bla
I do not own this song in any way and it was used for entertainment purposes only.

This was NOT a payed project so yeah, no rights violated.

Hope you liked it

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