Here is the 3rd of a 3 spots series I created for Power To Change in spring of 2007. The spots aired in Louisiana during the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The other spots used a motif of making photos of flood damage look like they, too, were flood damaged... but this story was different.

It was a news item. Jean Paul's Uncle had been murdered at home and the perp's burned the house to cover-up the crime. That week Katrina hit washing away all evidence of both the murder and the arson...which is why I went with B&W photos a la news print.

The spot was shot with my Z1U before I had my 35mm lens adaptor (which means EVEYTHING was in focus...ZERO d.o.f) so I had to defocus the background in post.

Also, the room had an odd proportion, so I cut up the shot and comp'ed the white wall, lamp, photos and mirror closer to Jean Paul. I added shadows, changed the colour of the lamp shade, put a better reflection in the mirror and added photos of Jean Paul's uncle into the photo frames. Toe-headed kids in the background seemed out of place.

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