This is the trailer to my upcoming feature documentary film "arrangiarsi (pizza... & the art of living)".
This film, shot mostly in Naples and a little in California began in 0ct. 2009. It's in the editing stage now with an expected release for festivals in 2015 and subsequently theatrically in 2016.
The napoletani are known as being the masters of arrangiarsi (the art of arranging yourself) of which pizza is an example. It's the art of making something out of nothing, the art of over-coming an obstacle, the art of making do.
Along with the art of making pizza, the film explores arrangiarsi, with examples and footage of street musicians, actors, artists and includes the film maker who "arranged" the entire making of the film; bartering, living in a tent in naples, and also living in a vw camper van in California for 5 years in order to make the film.

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