On the drive home, we told some more ghost stories. We were then told about this haunted church that has been known to posses people. I was also told that every church in the UK is built facing the east, and this haunted, abandoned church is the only one that is facing the west. Stories were told of friends being possessed inside, that if you leave your car on neutral, it gets pushed up the hill leaving fingerprints on the back of your vehicle. I got the chills thinking about all of this, but at the same time, I wanted to be scared... sorta. We got there just before the sun came up and it was pretty damn spooky. I wasn't driving so I had no choice really.

"St Marys Church, Clophill, now abandoned Church, is estimated to be up to 400 years old, but was replaced by a Victorian church built in 1848 in the centre of the Village.

The Clophill church has a long steep track leading up to it, and on numerous occasions when people have been walking and driving up there, they have reputedly seen a faint light of some sort following them up the hill, but as soon as they have reached the ruins of the church it disappears. Other visitors to the site have noted numerous other 'paranormal' phenomena. In the 1960s, a number of graves were desecrated, as reported in the national press, with some bones arranged in a ritualistic way with cockerel feathers.

There are rumors that the church was abandoned because it was built facing the wrong way and that it was facing Satan instead of God. Apparently the church couldn't be demolished because Satan was sitting on top of it. There is no evidence for this but the graveyard on top of the hill, was the scene of a supposed Satanic styled ritual, some say black magic ritual during the 1960's. Another fact about Clophill Church is that it was built on a leper hospital which monks and nuns used to run. When the plague hit Clophill the villagers moved down to the bottom of the hill and left the infected to die in the church at the top of the hill."

And for some reason my brand new camera w/ full battery stopped working inside of this church. I definitely felt something in there. I almost wish I didn't go inside. I apologize for the profanities. I guess they seems to spill out of your mouth when you're in a haunted situation.

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