Fusional Fragments with Evelyn Glennie by Marc Brew Company
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Marc Brew
Composer: Philip Sheppard and Evelyn Glennie
Percussionist: Evelyn Glennie
Dancers: Evi Chatzaki, James Cousins, Rebecca Evans, Kieran Stoneley, Aaron Vickers
Rehearsal Director: Bettina Carpi
Creative Assistant: Daniela B. Larsen
Producer: Joanne Peters

Marc Brew Company / marcbrew.com / marc@marcbrew.com / inbox@joannepeters.co.uk

Twitter: @marc_brew / Facebook: marcbrewcompany

Video Production: Tiago d'Oliveira / 2nd camera: Pakito Faria

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