I have been way behind in my video production the last couple of months due to juggling other projects, mostly related to my music work though additionally logging on a film project. One of those projects has been launching a live webcast series on uStream.tv that I dubbed Sunday Morning at 11. It's a @40 to 60 minute live performance of my World experimental improvisational work on solo guitar and oud. The series occurs every other Sunday morning at 11 EST. It's really been inspiring and well attended thus far drawing an audience of global friends and folks in places I may never have the chance to actually go to.

The musical foundation of this piece is an archive recording of one of the music segments I played on a recent cast, a 12 string guitar improvisation influenced by the wonderful Ralph Towner.

In 2007 my family and I were on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and took a day trip out a few miles north of town to the Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, a slot canyon surrounded by towering rock formations with 'tent' like caps.

A hike into the canyon leads you through narrow rock passageways to an open area of the floor gradually leading you up to the canyon's top. In thinking about some footage to edit with this piece I thought of images from this trip that I had parked waiting something to do with them and in the end fit this music nicely I think.

The visuals are largely stills interspersed with 3 short video clips shot on a low-fi Polaroid digital still camera with video capture. As for the most part their color and quality were off so I enhanced 2 of the 3 sequences with effects, one canned FCP pond ripple and the other a 3rd party add-in, the CGM Aged Film LE available from CGM-OnLine.com.

I hope with this piece to get back on the shooting-editing horse this summer. All my work on Vimeo has been shot with digital still camera video capture. I have recently been able to finally invest in a consumer camcorder still not high def but a reasonable std def cam, the Samsung SMX-F34. I'm very excited about getting this camera which should arrive in time for an upcoming trip to Maine which I hope to heavily document and hence launch more new work on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching and I welcome as always your comments. If you are interested in more info on Tent Rocks here's a link. En.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kasha-Katuwe_Tent_Rocks_National_Monument. And please stop by Sunday Morning at 11 at ustream.tv/channel/sunday-morning-at-11 and peruse the archive casts and find out my live schedule.

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