PopEye is an interdisciplinary international circuit that connects students and young experts in the fields of Anthropology, Economy and Visual Arts in Italy and Belgium (mainly from Venice, Turin and Gand). A very special kind of research group comes out from this poliedric sum of competences, able to operate out of classical schemes. With its activities, the equipe aims to deeply analyze etnographical events by different views, with a special focus on the multisciplinary aspects of the research.
The first activity of the PopEye group will lead to a documentary about the Purna Kumbh Mela (litt. “complete” Kumbh Mela), one of the biggest and most important religious festivals all over the world.
This special experience is shared by millions of people and has attracted in the last years a huge number of tourists from western countries, fascinated by Indian tradition and by the peculiarity of the event. The equip will work in this framework: the fieldwork will be set in Allahabad and in other cities where the religious pilgrimage and the western tourism will be more remarkable. Aim of the research will be the production of a documentary of about 30-50 minutes of duration. The production and filming will least about 50 days (from January, 15th until early March 2013).

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