iAnimate's "Bringing Games to Life" is a panel specifically created for CTN 2012. Our panelist will discuss the challenges animators in the gaming industry are facing on a daily basis.

This promotional video showcase the work of our three main panelist; David Lam, Jamaal Bradley and Cameron Fielding. Richard Arroyo from iAnimate Games will host this event. This video contain music and footage from the following production:

Uncharted 3 - Drake's Deception (Naughty Dog, Sony Computer Entertainment)
The Last of Us (Naughty Dog, Sony Computer Entertainment)
Team Fortress 2 - Meet The Spy (Valve Corporation, Electronic Arts)
Left 4 Dead 2 (Valve Corporation, Electronic Arts)
Tangled (Walt Disney Pictures)
Transformers 2 - Revenge of The Fallen (Dreamworks Pictures)
Turok (Touchstone Games)
How to train your Dragon (Dreamworks Animation)
Megamind (Dreamworks Animation)


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