Toe Joint Replacement - Podiatrist in Union, Springfield and Short Hills, NJ - Howard Hyman, DPM

Patient discusses her toe joint replacement treatment by Dr. Howard Hyman of The Podiatry Center.

Arthritis is a disabling and occasionally crippling disease afflicting almost 40 million Americans. In some forms, it appears to be hereditary. While the prevalence of arthritis increases with age, all people from infancy to middle age are potential victims. People over 50 are the primary targets.
Arthritis is an inflammation and swelling of the cartilage and lining of the joints, generally accompanied by an increase in the fluid in the joints.
It is often a part of complex diseases that may involve more than 100 disorders. If the feet seem more susceptible to arthritis than other parts of the body, it is because each foot has 33 joints that can be afflicted, and there is no way to avoid the pain of the tremendous weight-bearing load on the feet.
Arthritic feet can result in loss of mobility and independence, but that may be avoided with early diagnosis and proper medical care.
• Early morning stiffness.
• Limitation in motion of joint.
• Recurring pain or tenderness in any joint.
• Redness or heat in a joint.
• Skin changes, including rashes and growths.
• Swelling in one or more joints.

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