undo focuses on practice and reflection on architecture throughout design, lectures and cultural management, allowing our daily work to reach a critical, open and sensitive attitude to contextual demands.

undo is a team of architects composed by Guillen Augé (1977) and Anna Vergés (1978), graduated from the School of Architecture ESARQ (UIC) and ETSAV (UPC), respectively, with different workshops conducted in schools in Europe and Madrid.

undo was founded in 2002 with different concerns that led to the diversification of our work. We understand that the profession of architect is much more complete if it is based on research that teaching permits, being engaged as Project Professors in the ESARQ (UIC) since 2008, and previously as project assistants since 2004. Another indispensable support for the office is the contact with society through a monthly collaboration architecture section in the radio program Extraradi of Com Radio, recently awarded with a special mention in the FAD Awards of Though and Criticism 2011. Finally, involvement and development of cultural projects allows us a constant contact with reflections on architecture and city as in the case of the management of the 4 th Festival of Architecture eme3 Collapse, and the co-management of Trueques, mlJltidisciplinary meetings. This gives us tools for the development of architectural projects ranging frorn urban scale, edification, to the industrial design, awarded with different prizes and mentions.

undo works both individually and in association with other teams of architects, designers, artists who enrich our work with other creative disciplines. We collaborate with other architect studios in building projects like BOPBAA and SCAPE arch, in association with a multidisciplinary team in the organization of cultural projects as 100grados , and the inclusion in different groups as ON VAS BCN? to think and make proposals for the city, and Aproximacions.Joves Arquitectes Catalans to vindicate the emerging Catalan architecture.
(text by undo undoarq.com/ interview on itinerantoffice.com)

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