"Without Story"
solo exhibition by
Vladislav Iliev - Vladzen
28.09 - 12.10.2012
Hip Hip Atelier, Sofia, Bulgaria
Curated by Yanna Varbanova

The exhibition is supported by the "Gaudenz B. Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art"

Interactive Developer: Kamen Dimitrov
Camera: Mihail Novakov, Kamen Dimitrov
Editing: Vladislav Iliev
Music: Purity Ring - Lofticries

Production: Phormatik Visual Lab

"The face is changing, melting in the light, taking the familiar form of its new skin, transforming itself into a vision of forgotten dreams. The process happens in an instant, one second, two minutes...
Then the image moves away, stunned by its desire for transformation and continues its existence in the first person, the first dimension.
The definitions of the concept of taboo and its ambivalent nature are explored and interpreted, using inspiration from the initiation tattoos of the Maori tribe of New Zealand.
The story of "Without Story" continues its development in a new episode, in a new space - Hip hip Atelier, Sofia, Bulgaria, as the first solo exhibition of Vladislav Iliev.
Vladislav applies the method of direct projection onto people's faces from the framework of the international exhibition TabuScript, presented in November/ December 2011 in GEDOK Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany.
Using the unrestricted territory of the interactive installation, Vladzen interprets the idea of the visualized injection of symbols and signs; mysterious masks from the past and present; and the interlacement between Substance (pictures, images and sounds) and Spirit (visual projection).
This approach generates a closed, ambivalent space in which one can find or lose parts of oneself; where new things can be discovered about oneself and others; and where one can be transformed into a holographic representation of reality."

Text : Yanna Varbanova

Using FaceTracker by Jason Saragih web.mac.com/jsaragih/FaceTracker/FaceTracker.html
ofxFaceTracker addon by Kyle McDonald github.com/kylemcdonald/ofxFaceTracker
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