Dirk Helbing has recieved the „Golden Idea Award 2012“by IDEE-SUISSE® – Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Ideen- und Innovationsmanagement for his project: «Self-Controlling Traffic Lights»
Relevant publications:
S. Lämmer and D. Helbing (2008) Self-control of traffic lights and vehicle flows in urban road networks. JSTAT P04019.
S. Lämmer, R. Donner, and D. Helbing (2008) Anticipative control of switched queueing systems. European Physical Journal B 63(3), 341-348.
D. Helbing, J. Siegmeier, and S. Lämmer (2007) Self-organized network flows. Networks and Heterogeneous Media 2(2), 193-210.

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